Swap-Meet Covid-19 Rules

  • Masks are now required by the state/county any time your out of your vehicle or in our display shop area.
  • If you are sick please stay home, and come back another time.
  • Sellers/Buyers: All sellers/buyers fees will remain cash only. please have your money ready when arriving at box office. Buyers will not receive a ticket at this time to reduce one-on-one contact.
  • Please maintain proper social distancing & hygiene while at the swap meet. When entering the box office to pay entrance fee, we ask that you wear a mask.
  • Seller field: 10-12 feet between vehicles. every other space/reduced capacity
  • Display Shop: Masks must be worn when entering display shop areas at all times. 6-8 feet social distancing, and no groups larger than 10.
  • Buyers Parking: 10-12 feet between vehicles. every other space/reduced capacity
  • Snack Bar: 6-8 feet min. while in line. lines will be held to a maximum of 6-8 people.
  • Restrooms: Only 3 people allowed at one time. adult with child will be accommodated. Restrooms are checked/sanitized every 30 minutes.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. (no exceptions) children will not be allowed in line at snack bar or restrooms without an adult. No lines at restrooms please! Try and use restrooms at home before you arrive.

Anyone not following safety rules will be asked to leave immediately without a refund. Management reserves the right to change or add rules, as necessary.

Thank you for your help/patience during these difficult times. by following these safety rules, you will help us to remain open.

Swap-Meet Rules

The following items are not permitted to be sold:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Food or drink in any form without written permission from The Swap Meet Management. The sale of produce, if permitted, will be conditioned upon the seller having the appropriate government permit. The sale of any other food products (perishables are not permitted) must meet certain conditions established by Management.
  • Firearms (including B.B. guns) ammunition or materials to make ammunition, snap caps, stink bombs, and any form of explosive items or pyrotechnics.
  • Martial arts weapons.
  • Animals.
  • Medicines, drugs or any drug paraphernalia.
  • Narcotic paraphernalia.
  • Toys which may be harmful to children.
  • Any material deemed dangerous, pornographic, indecent, or otherwise objectionable by Management.

Other Swap Meet Rules: 

  • NO alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises.
  • NO handbills or flyers may be handed out, placed on any vehicles, or posted on swap meet property.
  • There are NO FREE SPACES! All spaces occupied must be paid for.
  • Sellers must park their vehicles inside their selling spaces or in the buyer’s parking lot.
  • All sellers setting up a canopy in a space must have it properly anchored and constructed. The Management shall not be responsible or liable for a seller’s use of a canopy or its construction. Each seller shall hold the Management harmless from and indemnify the Management against any injury that may occur in a seller’s space due to the use of a canopy. If a seller erects a canopy, The Management reserves the right to require the seller to take it down at any time due to windy conditions; however, The Management will not be liable for the decision. The Management will not give refunds if it requires removal of canopies.
  • Excessive noises (such as stereos, radios, televisions, shouting, amplified voices) will not be allowed.
  • Any motor vehicle may be denied entry into the swap meet property if the vehicle’s driver does not possess and display, at Management’s request, a valid driver’s license and/or proof of insurance coverage.
  • All swap meet licenses must be filled out in full before any sales are made. Licenses are subject to revocation for violation of any of the swap meet rules or any other conduct or action deemed to be objectionable by Management.
  • Tenant may not sell, assign or transfer any rights in the premises or under this agreement, and any attempted transfer or possession without notice shall be void and shall, at landlord’s option, terminate all rental rights of tenant.
  • Management shall not be responsible or liable to the seller for any loss or damage that may result to the seller’s property from water, fire, explosion, theft or any other cause whatsoever.
  • The Management reserves the right to formulate additional rules and regulations if necessary, and each seller shall abide by such additional rules and regulations.
  • SELLER MUST LEAVE SPACE CLEAN AND FREE OF TRASH OR DISCARDED ITEMS! A clean up fee may be charged to sellers who are not in compliance.
  • Motor-Vu will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to vehicles and personal property.

Thank you for your cooperation!