Drive-In Rules and Information

For the Safety and Consideration of guests

PLEASE NOTE: Online tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, this also includes inclement weather/open rain or shine.

Covid-19 Rules

Please be patient with us as we learn new and innovative ways to serve you in a safe way. This is new for all of us, and we expect to make changes to our operations as we learn the best way to operate in these special circumstances. The safety of our patrons /staff, and our family is our number one priority. Due to the current circumstances all policies may be changed or updated without notice

Anyone not following established safe policies set forth may be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

  • Face masks are required upon entry to box office, and must be worn at all times except when you are in or by your car watching movies.
  • All recommended and required policies, directives, and orders from the Local and state health departments will be followed, as well as any CDC guidelines where applicable.
  • If you or any person in your household is not feeling well, please remain home for the safety of everyone. - If you are a member of a high-risk group please use caution when deciding to attend.
  • Please maintain proper social distancing & hygiene while at the drive in.
  • At this time due to reduced capacity and safety all tickets must be purchased online thru our website. There will be no tickets sold at box office. Thank you for your patience and understanding. (NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES) 
  • THERE WILL BE AN OUTSIDE FOOD PERMIT OF $5.00 ADDED TO EACH VEHICLE TO COMPENSATE FOR LOSS OF SNACK BAR SALES AND CLEAN UP/ TRASH COSTS. Due to Covid we will have limited items available. Over the past several years there has been a tremendous increase in outside food brought into the drive in. We cannot compete with prices for drinks/snacks etc. that convenient stores/fast food charge. The cost of employee clean up labor/trash dumpster pick up has also increased. We are in a unique position. The expensive cost of film rent that movie studios charge is a major reason we must rely on our snack bar to remain profitable. I hope this will help everyone understand our situation. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING REGARDING THIS FEE. 
  • Due to Covid we will have limited snack bar items available. Pre-bagged popcorn/Bottled Soda/Candy/Novelty ice cream. Quick grab and go items. 
  • We will be operating at a reduced capacity to comply with and encourage social distancing requirements. Our movie fields will be reduced by 50% or more. 


We will not be parking cars in the usual way. Instead of having two vehicles between each set of poles, there will only be one, and we will alternate each row between parking at the left pole and the right pole as shown below. Please keep in mind this is a temporary change.

When you arrive at the drive in and your tickets are e-checked, you will be asked to park at least 10 feet away from the next vehicle. (facemarks are required when checking in at the box office).

  • 6- 10 feet social distancing must be maintained at any time you are not in, or within reach of your vehicle. We ask that you remain in your vehicle or bed of your truck as much as possible. Lawn chairs/furniture will be limited so social distance is maintained. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.
  • Facemasks or coverings are not required in your vehicle area, but if you leave that area to pick up food, use the restroom, or need to interact with a drive in employee, masks are required to be worn.
  • Any kind of large groups will not be permitted
  • If leaving your vehicle, a face covering is required. 

Snack Bar

  • Snack bar-Limited items available/grab & go
  • Due to Covid we will have limited snack bar items available. Pre-bagged popcorn/Bottled Soda/Candy/Novelty ice cream. Quick grab and go items.
  • Snack Bar will be open in a walk-up style window. Our patrons will not be permitted inside the snack at this time. 6-10 feet social distancing is required  along with wearing a face mask.


  • Only 3 people will be allowed in the restrooms at any given time. Exceptions can be made for parents with children. We will also be periodically closing the restrooms for sanitizing. It is recommended that you use the restroom before you leave your house to help with congestion. Social distancing of 6-10 feet will be maintained.


This is a work in progress and may change depending on the progress of Covid 19. We ask for your cooperation, patience, and understanding during these difficult times. By following these rules/guidelines it will help us to provide a safe and comfortable experience and allow us to remain open.

Drive-In Rules

  • NO RE-ENTRY! (Anyone leaving drive-in will be required to purchase another ticket upon re-entry).
  • No checks accepted.
  • No indoor furniture (couches, loveseats, beds, etc.) NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
  • Switching screens is not allowed. The film companies are very strict on making sure all patrons are accounted for. You must purchase another ticket if you wish to move to another screen.
  • Lawn chairs must be placed directly behind vehicles, so as not to block driveway or take up extra spaces.
  • All screens are broadcast in FM stereo. If the stereo in your vehicle does not work please bring one from home.
  • No barbequing or cooking of any kind.
  • For your safety, please do not lie on ground.
  • Patrons must park close to poles to allow another car beside them. You my not take up spaces with chairs etc.
  • Tall vehicles should park on back 3 rows of field.
  • On Weekends & Holidays saving spaces is not allowed.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No oversize vehicles on weekends: flat-bed trucks, motor-homes, semi’s, etc.
  • Sneak-ins will not be tolerated. Anyone harboring sneak-ins will be ejected without a refund.
  • Subwoofers must be turned off, and stereo volume should be kept at a minimum.
  • No laser pointers. Anyone projecting laser pointers on to screens will be ejected without refund.
  • Pets are not allowed due to safety/insurance liability.
  • Proof of age required for R rated movies, please have I.D. available.
  • The recording of copyrighted material is illegal by Federal Law. Anyone caught with camera/recording devices will be prosecuted.
  • Motor Vu will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to vehicles and personal property.
  • Any outside food or drink delivered to drive in is strictly prohibited.
  • PARENTS: You are responsible for your children. Please keep an eye on them at all times.
  • CAUTION CHILDREN: Speed limit 5m.p.h. at all times.
  • The management reserves the right to formulate additional rules and regulations if necessary.

If you have any questions about the above rules and information please free free to contact us.