Do we have to pay again to re-enter the drive-in?

Yes. There have been many problems with customers paying for multiple people in a car, and then entering the drive-in, then the driver leaves and returns with multiple people in the car that match the receipt, but have not paid. Also customers will enter and then decide they want to leave to get food etc. Remember you have all day to plan so please bring what you need with you. Please remember that our snack bar has great, freshly cooked food at reasonable prices.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes! We now accept credit/debit cards at the box office and snack bar. Ticket sales are online only. There will be no sales at box office at this time.

Do you have an ATM?

No, we do not have an ATM. The problems associated with having an ATM on the premises are too great to justify the risk.

Can I switch movie screens?

There is absolutely no screen switching allowed. The film companies are very strict on making sure all patrons are accounted for. You must purchase another ticket if you wish to move to another screen.

How do I hear the movies?

If you use your vehicle’s radio, be sure to turn your key to ACCESSORY position, not the Lgnition/ON position – to conserve your car battery. This is extremely important! If you do not know where the “ACCESSORY” position is on your ignition switch, please check your owner’s manual.
You can listen to the movie over any FM radio. We recommend use of your car stereo or radio, a boom box, or a personal walkman-type radio! IMPORTANT: If your stereo has an equalizer on it, your best sound for the movie is to put the equalizer controls to the “ZERO” or “NULL” point. Our Dolby unit is set already for the best equalization for the left, right center and surround and subwoofer, so if you try to modify it, you could hear sounds you should not, not hear sounds you should, or cause the stereo to “crackle.”

NOTE: ALL radios and boom boxes must be turned to the movie, or the volume must be so low no one else can hear it. It will greatly interfere with the enjoyment of others if you are listening to something else, and those trying to watch the show can hear something other than the movie! PLEASE use the headsets or extremely low volume if you intend to listen to something other than the show.

What are your ticket prices?

Adults 12 and up $10.00
Children 5-11 $5.00
Children 4 and under are FREE

Do you offer group pricing or discount tickets?

We cannot offer group discounts on tickets, as we are bound by the film company license agreements that do not allow us to discount our already low admission prices.

Do you open if it’s raining?

Yes, we are still open if it rains.

When is the best time to arrive?

Weekends are especially busy, so arrive early.
REMEMBER: The CLOSER it gets to sunset the L-O-N-G-E-R the line will become. No Fooling!

Can I arrive after the first movie has started?

You are welcome to arrive at anytime, as long as the Box office is open.
Full price Admission is still in effect even if you see the 2nd feature only.

We have large group coming. Can we reserve parking in advance?

Sorry, we cannot reserve parking. Try to arrive as early as possible to increase your chances of parking together as a group.

Can my friend and I park our cars in the area reserved for larger vehicles so we can be together?

We would suggest arriving as close to the box office opening as possible to make sure you can get spaces together. Also, Cars have more flexibility in parking; however, there are certain rows that are reserved strictly for vehicles other than a regular car. In these cases the car usually can park in front of the van, truck, etc.

Why do you park vehicles the way you do? Why not let us park anywhere we want?

First of all we park vehicles according to size, larger towards the back and smaller towards the front. Then we close gaps and place vehicles together as much as possible. So in case a vehicle coming in late or during a movie they can easily park in the back with less interruption to the vehicles already watching the movie. Instead of letting the late vehicle search up and down the rows looking for an empty spot and interrupting the movie for other vehicles.

Can I sit outside my car, in lawn chairs on a blanket, on the roof?

You are welcome to sit outside of your vehicle in lawn chairs. We ask that you place lawn chairs in front of your vehicle and not to take up an additional parking space next to your car.
Also to ensure safety to all we don’t allow you to sit on blankets (or directly) on the ground. When you sit on the ground you are too low for a vehicle to see when they trying to park, drive by, or leave.

You may not sit on the roof of your vehicle because you will obstruct the view of patrons behind you, and it is a terribly unsafe thing to do.

Can I open my hatch back?

Hatch backs should be raised no higher than the top of your vehicle (level with your roof.) If your hatch opens above your roofline this blocks the view of others. You are responsible for keeping it lowered using a rope, bungee cord, or by a similar method.

Can I park backwards and sit in the back of my truck or van to watch the movie?

Yes, HOWEVER, please conform to all of the other rules. For example, if you bring high chairs and sit in the bed of the pick-up truck, you may be sitting higher than the top clearance of you vehicle. This would then interfere with sight-lines for others further back. If you open the doors or windows to your vehicle and they are allowed to swing up past the top clearance of the vehicle, then again, there is a problem. If you open the doors to your van and the doors end up in another patron’s space, then it will cause a problem.

Why do you restrict audio and video recording, picture taking, and so on?

It is illegal for you to record the movies in any way, shape or form via as a photo, audio recording, or video. We also ask you to leave those devices at home so that all our fellow patrons are not taped, photographed or recorded on the property.

Can you tell me what will be playing at the Motor Vu the week after next?

The owner “books” the theater himself. He books on Monday for the upcoming Friday, as this is the only way it can be done effectively. Occasionally we will know something playing ahead and when we do, we publish it. Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question with any degree of certainty. Likewise, people often want to know what is playing because they want to have a party here, and it will depend on the movies that are playing. Because of the circumstances of how we must operate we are very sorry that these questions cannot be given out any sooner than they already are.

Do you have a snack bar?

Yes we have a full service snack bar located in the center of our main field. We feature a wide variety of foods cooked fresh every day. Please see our snack bar menu located on our web site.

My child’s birthday is coming soon. Can you host the birthday party?

No, not at this time. However, YOU can host the party.

I think I lost something at the Motor Vu. Do you have a “Lost and Found?

Yes. If you have lost something, please contact us via our contact page or when the box office is open, a real person will help you.

I keep e-mailing you and I am not getting a response. I sent an e-mail that was never answered. What’s up with that?

We get a lot of e-mails for the same exact questions, for this reason we have compiled the FAQ’s. The FAQ’s are here to save both of us time. If you still have a question for us after reading the FAQ’s, then e-mail us. Please give us time to answer the question(s) you may have because running this landmark takes quite a lot of time.

Is there a swap meet at the Motor Vu? If so, what are your hours?

Yes, we have a great swap meet featuring both outside spaces and our indoor heated shops. It is open year round every Sat and Sunday. For more information, visit our Swap Meet page.
Saturday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm, Sunday 7:00 am – 2:00 pm
Buyers $1.00 (12 and up)
Sellers $5.00 per space Sellers $16.00 per space large trucks
& trailers $32.00 per space

Saturday & Sunday
Buyers Free
Sellers $5.00 per space

I know the Motor Vu is an outdoor theater, but do you have a non-smoking section?

No, we do not. However if you are being bothered by smoke, please see the attendants, and we can often re-locate you or the other vehicle. Keep in mind if neither party wants to co-operate, there is not a lot we can do.

Is it possible to advertise on the Motor Vu marquee during your off-season?

Yes. Please e-mail us if you are interested in renting ad space. Keep in mind this is not an inexpensive thing to do, but it is a nice gesture for Birthdays, Graduation, and other events.

Do you sell Motor Vu Gift Certificates?

Not yet. There is a lot to be worked out first; hopefully soon they will be available.

Are you hiring at the Motor Vu? If so, how do I apply?

You may pick up applications at the box office, snack bar, or you can visit our employment page and submit your application.

Are pets permitted at the Motor Vu?

Due to insurance risks we DO NOT ALLOW PETS in the drive in at anytime.