The Motor-Vu Drive-In was built in 1947. Howard Coleman started working as a lot boy in 1952, and became manager in the late 50’s. He continued as manager until 1977 when he retired. The Motor Vu was then owned by Mann Theatres and about to be closed in 1979. Mr. Coleman purchased the Motor Vu in the early spring of 1979. The Motor Vu was the love of Mr. Coleman’s life, and he continued to manage and work in the box office every night until failing health caused him to retire in 1999. He passed away in 2012. His 3 sons Bruce, Dale, and Brent all worked at the drive in growing up and continue on as partners. The youngest son Brent has been running the drive in since his father’s retirement in 1999. Now that all 4 screens have converted to digital projection the family plans on being around for years to come.