Now Open on Weekends Only


Well… It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school. The sun sets a little sooner each day. And pretty soon, the leaves will change colors and the nights will get a little bit colder. You know what that means… The drive-in is now open on weekends only. Let’s squeeze out the last drops of “summer-ey” goodness and enjoy the drive-in any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in the coming weeks.

Support Motor-Vu Through our Snack Bar


Most patrons think the main income for the drive in comes from movies. That would be wrong. The film companies charge us very large amounts for film rental on all films. The way we stay profitable is thru our snack bar. Instead of bringing in some of your own food, please visit our snack bar and help us stay profitable. We pride ourselves on having delicious fresh food prepared each night. Our wide variety of hot food features burgers/dogs/fries, and our 16 inch giant pizza or giant pizza slice. We also have popcorn/churros/pretzels/candy, and a variety of coke products. We hope to see you soon, and thanks for your continued support.

Motor-Vu Drive-In now all Digital Projection


If you’re looking for a truly exceptional movie experience, Motor-Vu Drive-In delivers. All of our screens are state-of-the-art BARCO digital projectors. Also our screens are much larger than your typical indoor theatres. It’s an experience so real you’ll feel like your right in the middle of the action.

Our audio is also much improved with the digital signal sent straight to your car stereo/portable fm player. High quality transmitters, and antennas insure the best possible sound. The better your car stereo the better the performance.

Come check it out! You’ll be amazed at the sharper image and sound clarity!